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    Who are we?

    RevolutionTeam is A group of young people gathered for make Rappelz Great again the most of RevolutionTeam members are players from 2008-2009 We are a group of Arab youth Each of us has a particular specialty But we are friends in the end We are ambitious ,When we enter a particular discipline we must become the best in it.

    - Now you want to know Who are the team members?

    He's the Team leader and the seystem administrator.
    Also he's A Game Developer,Programmer.

    He's the second Team leader and the WebMaster.
    Also he's A Game Developer,Programmer And sales manager.

    He's The third Team leader and the Designer.
    Also he's Graphic designer And the GM team Manager.

    He's WebMaster ,Offers planner, CM And GM.
    Also he's A Designer and Sales Manager.

    He's one of the Team Leaders, The Events planners.
    Also He's the Social Media Director.

    He's one of our best Developers In the Team.
    Also he's a good programmer.

    One of the oldest team members.
    Also he's a socialMedia manager ,CM and GM.

    He's one of our best members.
    Also he's one of our CM and GM.

    Osama Al7rbi
    He's one of the oldest Team leaders.
    Also he's GM , Event planner and CM.

    The Original Founders of the Team : GaZZaR ,HETLER, The team founded at 2013 by GaZZaR and HETLER but They quit Rappelz GaZZaR @ 2014 HETLER @ 2016. As everyone knows that our Team is the First team who has 7.0,7.2,8.2 , 8.3 , 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 ,9.4 Files and we're the only and first team who released it.
    Also we programmed alot of tools for Rappelz Game like , Launchers Tools, nUpdater maker,Revolution Tool v1,v2 (All in one) GameGuard bypass Launchers..etc
    Our Goal is bring the life to Rappelz and make it better .

    Our vision : We believe that the new easy servers that opens for month and close, the people who name themselves Developers by taking the others work from the Resources , People who do not take things seriously , They are the reason of what happened to the game.
    They have made the players hate playing and abandoning the game.
    Most of the players who have played this servers and lost their time , their accounts after 2 months 3 or 4, they hated the game and left it.
    In the end if you like our vision, our works then you can follow us on Facebook
    You can find all our releases on E*PVP Rappelz P-servers section For English.
    Or you can found it on Unlimited-Games forum for Arabic.