December & Christmass Events

December & Christmass Events

Dear Players,

This will be the month events for chrismass .. i will be updated to add more events so please visit this page always to see the new events for December ..


December Events"
Start Date End Date      Details RULES
10/12/2017 10/1/2018

The Decoration Event

The Celebrations start on 10/12 with farming Christmas decorations and The Iskimo decorations...

Decorative shield .. Glove Accessories .. Hat Accessories .. Accessories shoes ...

Each piece of them increase the characteristics of 5% and the total increase is 25% ...

15/12/2017 10/1/2018

Tree Event

All cities and roads will be decorated with huge Christmas trees and light leaflets

17/12/2017 10/1/2018

Will start showing up a Deer (A relatively weak monster) It appears temporarily at each Christmas tree

When the monster is killed, an ad will appear automatically ...

When you kill him you will get one of the following gifts randomly ...

(Sweety amount 10 - Temporary Christmas emblem
for one month - Permission to transit to the hidden village for 3 days
Stone of black dust amount 3 - nectar Lavender flowers amount 1 )

Snow will be fall in all cities of the game










20/12/2017 10/1/2018

Music Event

Christmas music will be appear in all the cities of the game

22/12/2017 10/1/2018

Buff Event

Buff Codes Will Be Apply From 22\12 Until 10\1

25/12/2017 10/1/2018

SnowMan Event

The snowman will appear on the hidden island It will Be very strong and surrounded by young snowmen

it will be tamable

1/1/2018 1/1/2018

The following prizes will be distributed to each account

(Temporary Luminous feather - Gold molds worth 1 billion per account - 3 stones of black dust -

15 sweety - 20 peice Energy of fire - 20 peice Energy of wind )

 The prizes that will be distributed to the acounts regularlyAnyone has more than one account ..The gifts will come to the account that was registered in the server before the other account The other accounts do not come with anything and this is a random system to ensure that the distribution of shares equally for each player only once ..


Alaa S.Alshwele