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    Grand Opening

    Grand Opening


    Hello every one .. Iam happy to say that Revolution Server is back with full working 9.4 files


    Yes ! the first p server with 9.4 Files without problem we provide you the server with the best service you will see ever

    we use most powerfull anti-DDOS service and we have the best support team for help you to improve the game :)


    Now the server back with the old 9.1 account but without characters we just move the drop from 9.1 characters to your 9.4 storage so..

    you will find your drop in your storage but first you need to change your password .. we disabled all the old passwords


    for security reasons , When you make a new character in the server you will get a simple gift enjoy it

    We apologize again for any inconvenience


    Alaa S.Alshwele